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Registrare un nuovo account chat

The registration panel of the converse.js control box.

Con la webchat è possibile registrare un nuovo account XMPP in ogni provider XMPP pubblico. Per registrarti basta cliccare nel tab Registra.

Facendo questo apparirà il panello di registrazione mostrato in figura.

Scegli il provider

Converse.js uses a chat protocol called XMPP (also known as Jabber) which allows “federation”. This means that it’s similar to email, in the sense that people signed in at different XMPP chat providers can still chat with one another.

For example, if you have a Yahoo! email account, you can send and receive emails from a friend with a Google email account. In the same way, if you have a chat account from, you can send and receive chat messages with a friend who has an account at

There are many free providers online which allow you to register a new account. You can see a list of some of them at The website provides a security grading for the XMPP servers of the providers, which is very useful. They are however sometimes slow to add new servers to the list. A larger list of XMPP providers is also available at

You can find the domain name for a server under the Domain column at or the Server column at

Once you know which XMPP provider you’d like to use, you can type its domain name and click the Fetch registration form button.

The registration form for an XMPP account at

Visualizzare il form di registrazione

After you’ve clicked Fetch registration form, the chat client will contact the chat provider, ask for its registration form and then present it to you.

Different chat providers have different registration forms, but they’re all relatively similar.

Controlla il livello di sicurezza

At the top of the form you’ll see a colored bar containing the text score. This shows the security score for this server as determined by where you can test out a server for yourself. You should generally avoid providers with a poor security score (colored in red).

Scegli l’username

As you can see in the registration form, the username consists of two parts separated with an @ sign, similar to an email address.

The first part is your unique handle which you need to choose. The second part is the domain name of the chat provider, the one which you chose in the previous step when you fetched the registration form.

When you want to give someone your XMPP chat username, or when you want to add someone else as a contact, you need to specify it in full, like you would an email address.

Once you’ve chosen your user name and password, click Register. If Successful, you’ll be automatically logged in to your new account.

Adding a contact in converse.js

Aggiungi un contatto

In order to start chatting with someone, you first need to add them as a contact.

To do this, click the Add a contact link in the Contacts tab. This will slide open a dropdown in which you can type the username of the person you’d like to add.

Remember, an XMPP username (also called a JID or Jabber ID) is similar to an email address, in that you have both the user’s handle and the domain name of the provider, separated with an @ sign.

Once you’ve typed the username and clicked submit, your request will be sent to this person. If they are online, they will immediately be notified of your request, otherwise they’ll see it next time they come online.

Technically, when you add someone as a contact, you’re doing two things. Firstly, you are adding the contact to your roster (think of it as an address book) and secondly you are asking to be notified whenever that person comes online.

A pending contact

A pending contact

The person you are adding as a contact has the option to either accept or decline your request. Until that decision has been made, they will appear in your roster as a so-called pending contact. In other words, their final status is pending on whether they accept or decline your request.

A normal, ungrouped contact

A normal contact

If the person accepts your contact request, they will get a chat status indicator in your roster and will also become clickable. Clicking on the name of the user will open a chat box in which you can then start chatting with that user.

Removing a contact

Rimuovi un contatto

Per rimuovere un contatto, vai col mouse sopra al suo nome e clicca l’icona del cestino. Sarà richiesta una conferma e se accettata il contatto non sarà più visibile nel tuo roster.

Entra in Chat

Inserisci l'username e la password per accedere alla chat

Entra nel gruppo

Inserisci il nome del gruppo e il nickname per entrare nella discussione

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